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I'm going to introduce a little bit about myself on this page and update every month, so that I can connect with you better and hope that you feel my artworks closer.


I try to update these newsletters every month but sometimes I completely forget to introduce new artworks - almost everyday I work on new works and more projects are waiting for me. And holiday seasons are coming up soon so I need to prepare all shipping supplies ready and start designing greeting cards I send to all the customers. It's getting busier and busier! Here are new artworks that I created and hope you find something speak to you.

Original Sculptures (2023)

acrylic on clay

I love making sculptures. When I was an art collage student, I was more into making sculptures than paintings. It's very interesting process to create unique textures and figures. Always something unexpected things happen and lead me to somewhere spontaneously.

All sculptures have layers after another layers, and I hope you can take a look at small details that are hand crafted. I had a long journey with each object and love them all.


This is one of old works. There were something I had to fix and left it for awhile.

Finally I adjusted and fixed those issues and completed. Fully varnished.

(2019) acrylic and pastel on paper / 24 x 36

Blurred Face Series

acrylic and oil pastel on paper / canvas

I'm surprised that many people react well to this series and many paintings from this series are already sold. I constantly have to make new paintings for this series. This series is all about detail works. I use color combination that I want to see on my canvas. Everyone has multiple faces and we don't even know which one is real one - this series started from the idea.


OK, That is it for this month.

Thank you for visiting my shop.

Thank you for your time to take a look at my art works.

Wish you all the best and health.





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