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I love contemporary art and sculptures and that's what I normally try to make as a local artist. But I also I love folk art, illustrations and graphic design. Who says I can't try both, right?

I launched this new line calls "MOOK by Macoon Design Studio" to introduce pop and design side of my works.

I love that pop art and culture can reach more people who aren't interested in contemporary art so much.

*For international customers, please visit my Etsy store to shop! 




People sometime ask me if I made all the art works on this site.

I understand why they ask because some of works look different from what I normally make. But yes, all the works here are also my works as well. 

My painting style has been shifting to more abstract side, still I love folk art and illustrations, and I sometimes feel like making those.

 I'm grad that I found a place to introduce some of those works here, and hope you find something speak to you.


This is one of the most poplar series I create.

The concept is about a strong wrestler who loves his cat so much. The cat loves to be held by him so that he/she can scratch his arm to bleed.

I'm so grad that many people react this weird idea well which I created almost 10 years ago.


I mixed my paintings and graphic design into those original prints. I love illustration and design, and wanted to make some pop graphic print series for a long time. 

Finally Here they are.

Mook print series offer 11 x 14 and 12 x 16 inches.

All prints are embossed with my original trademark.

Ships free over $35.


Original tote bags and stickers are available now.

Ships free over $35.

If you're not sure but interested, check out all five star Etsy reviews before you decide.

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