Macoon.D is a contemporary painter who lives and works in New York. Growing up as only child, She spent a lot of time drawing and painting in her childhood. Her mother is a self-taught artist who influences her in many ways such as composition, color theory, and sketch. The experience in her childhood still shows in her current art works. Spontaneous, coquettish and colorful its works explores unique memories in people’s childhood, 

Macoon. D's works are hybrid figures, full of whimsical fantasy.





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Selected Clients

D Magazine

The Imai Family Member Foundation

Fruit App

"Tiger from Timbuktu"by John Warren

"Tulip Bay" by Emily Brown

Hansen Fashion

Michelle/Viggo News

Liborio Carrales Lopez Manegement

Latest Exhibitions


Illustration Home Gallery

New York


Junction Blvd Cafe Gallery


Pie by the Pound

New York

New York Art Center

New York

Usagi Gallery



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