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I'm going to introduce a little bit about myself on this page and update every month, so that I can connect with you better and hope that you feel my artworks closer.


It's been a while - how have you been?

It's been extremely busy two months for me! Thenkfully more people are getting to know my artworks and purchase for their wall. New cutomers visited my shop to find for their private art collection, and there have been many returning customers stopped by hi and purchase more artworks. I can't thank you enough for your time to take a look at my works and purchases. Also I heve been working on new line calls "PORTRAIT STUDY" for months. I was struggling to express how I wanted to paint and am trying to face the issues painting many many small works / sketches. Now I feel more confident and gaining experience and technique I needed. I've chosen some interesting/unique works out of over 100 sketches and small paintings to show at my shop. I hope that you find them interesting too.


I always look for freedom on canvas - but at the same time, look for limitation to be free.

From start to finish on one work, this freedom+limitation idea is in my head all the way.

Every piece is like a training to paint. I need to challenge myself to break a wall and find a tune where I feel comfortable/uncomfortable. I will keep working on this "PORTRIAT SERIES" for a while and make some large paintings from those small works.


acrylic on canvas / 24 x 30 inches

This large painting is the first one I made based on an idea from those small works.

I like the idea those overlapping lines and effortless vibes.

Hope you find it interesting too!

Blurred Face Series

This series is one on the most poplar ones and I constantly need to fill the stock. Most of all the faces from this series are blurred, I think it's more mysterious and unique that way.

These two paintings somewhat refrect what I've been working on past two months - brush strokes and how to capture moments. One of the paintings is already sold and shipped to WA where my favorite customers live. "Noah"(on the left) is now available as one of limited art print lines. both in 24 x 30 inche that you can find in "GO LARGE" section.

NOAH (2024) on the left - acrylic on canvas - 24 x 30 inches

GEORGE 8 (2024) on the right - acryulic on canvas - 24 x 30 inches

My favorite season summer is coming soon!

I will be busy keep working on paintings and packaging for my works which find their new home. Now new cutomers are from all around the world! Spaint, France, New Zealand, Switzerland and more. Can't wait to get to know you too.


OK, That is it for this month!

Thank you for visiting my shop.

Thank you for your time to take a look at my art works.

Wish you all the best and health.





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