36 x 48 inches

Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.

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Singed by artist



“First I usually start painting colorful layers. In the process, there are always some figures show up on abstract paintings. 

Find most interesting figures to follow - this time, I saw two figures facing each other. 

I titled this work as "a long trip' because this painting layers over finished three paintings underneath.

painted over finished works (I though those were done) took over years to come to this point.

'I've seen this before...this is not interesting enough...that part particularly creeps me out I wanna destroy it....'

Those thoughts keep coming back over and over again especially when it's not going well.

A journey to look for spontaneous whimsical fantasy is not simple.

But there is always hope that your courage to destroy finished works in order to create new better painting gives unexpected hybrid figures which I can't even imagine."


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