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I'm going to introduce a little bit about myself on this page and update every month, so that I can connect with you better and hope that you feel my artworks closer.

Introducing new 16 x 20 inch paintings with photo collage

I use interesting prints of photo to combine my painting to make unique art works.

acrylic, photo paper and oil pastel on canvas

16 x 20 inches

I went to park, beach, and just streets to take pictures of views, and edited. Printed them out and attached to canvas. It felt like a collaboration with someone to create something new and unique art. I normally tell myself "it's ok to make a mistake, If I do, erase with paint and paint something over it." but for this project, I can't make so many mistakes because photo parts are not being able to be fixed. That was a little pressure. Still without being adventurous, I can't make something interesting and artistic. Taking balance for this project was the most difficult part.

Magic Carpet Ride (2022)

acrylic, collage and oil pastel on clay with a wooden board

12 x 12 x 6 inches 15.7 oz

The idea came from one of the new project painting + photo print 16 x 20 inches works. I love the part of carpet part. The object sits on the carpet tilted and curved. There are many layers each part. It was struggling and having a fun at the same time in the process. At some point I blamed myself like "how did I think this was going easy and fun?" To make something new and no one's seen is challenging and I think that's what artists' main job to do. But also that is the most difficult process. Just keep trying!

One more art object series from this month!

Abstract on a Car Series (2022)

acrylic on clay with a toy car

11 x 5 x 3 inches 7.4 oz

I love those small art objects. Light, colorful and fun.

I got this idea from my paintings and sketches and made it simple figures.

When I feel struggling and stuck in painting process, I look at those objects.

They tell me that it's ok and it's ok to make something very simple as long as those are interesting enough and it doesn't have to be so complicated.

I hope this unique series brings you fun and inspirational vibes in your room some day.

OK, That is it for this month.

Thank you for visiting my shop.

Thank you for your time to take a look at my art works.

Wish you all the best and health.




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