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I'm going to introduce a little bit about myself on this page and update every month, so that I can connect with you better and hope that you feel my artworks closer.



I worked on larger scale paintings this month and this particular piece has become very special painting for me. Let me introduce "POWDER YORK" first.



acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

48 x 48 inches

I prepare some sketches before I start working on large canvas. I didn't sketch much before but now I sketch some for both small and large paintings. When I'm working on small paintings, I try not to follow sketches and create something unexpected because it's easy to control and fix if it needed, but for large paintings, I need to set some details before moving on to canvas. This "POWDER YORK" has become one of my favorite works. I tried to tone down some bright colors with white and light gray and maintain subtle details for a light finish. Even this painting looks light, there are so many details. It could be a little difficult to see from pictures - there are many brush strokes and complex layers. People might recognize my works as colorful paintings, but I've learned new things from the process of making this painting and I feel like I've opened a new door as a local artist. It is abstract/figurative painting, but I don't mind however people call this painting as. It's totally up to viewers opinion. I made a video for this painting as well as pictures of those details, so I'll be happy if you stop by and take a look at this work.


I have been working on paintings a lot this month like non stop!

Painting everyday is such a joy. I discover something everyday. Finding new skill and approach will definitely help me to move forward as an artist. I need to work on art everyday to find those awesome hints to create something unique and weird at the same time. It is sometimes difficult for me to update here for my latest works with words...(I'd rather to focus just keep working something and hire someone to do this for me, to be honest), but I just know it's very important to introduce my artworks here with words so that people might be more interested in my artworks and understand details a little more. I'm always happy to here from people about my artworks, so please contact me anytime if there's anything you'd like to know about my works ( Thanks Andy to ask me about Origin-L!).


I've made two sculptures this month (I'm busy all the time to work on art!) First one calls "LAB REPORT" I love the color (thick emerald green over black). It was difficult to make wheel parts but I'm happy how they look. The other one calls "MARIKA" I had a sketch before woking on the sculpture and actually back side I planned was more interesting to me so decided to make the back side as a front. I love unexpected result to find more unique and interesting look. Both now available from "art object"page and hope you take a closer look of those sculptures.


OK, That is it for this month.

Thank you for visiting my shop.

Thank you for your time to take a look at my art works.

Wish you all the best and health.





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