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Updated: Oct 31, 2021

I'm going to introduce a little bit about myself on this page and update every month, so that I can connect with you better and hope that you feel my artworks closer.

This month, I have been working on new sculpture series. Those are all small but it took a long time to finish. As an artist, as you know, I basically make paintings. But when I was an art student in Japan, I liked making some sculptures. I made some tiny sculpture series years ago, and some people reacted good, so I was wondering why don't I create some more.

I started out this process weeks ago...and I've realized there is important experience that I completely forgot...Making sculptures is also tough as much as painting process is.

There are only nine works available at this time. I wish I could make more and faster. I use vary light paper cray to make figures and coated them with many layers of gesso and acrylic paintings/sprays, and finish with varnish for water-proof coating and UV protection.

I love them all! All the ideas of figures came from my paintings. I hope that you enjoy these as mush as I do.

People asked me many questions regarding to my art works and my personal things last month. I really appreciate your interests! and am happy to answer all questions you might have for me. Some people asked to send a picture of me. I have only one beside a picture from INFO page. I wear a mask...I know. Forgive me, I'm very shy to show myself. But I would like to tell you all about myself so then you can enjoy my art works a little bit more. That is how I started this newsletter. It's been only few months, but I really enjoy how my art works

could make someone happy - even for a second. Kind people often gave me feedback how much they love a painting that they purchased. I really do love see and feel how my art works connect to people who I didn't know of. Art is very personal. I wouldn't consider to get it if I'm not interested and even that is a famous work. I put my soul into my works and that makes someone happy too, I simply can not ask more than this.

Thank you so much for stopping by here. Thank you so much for liking/loving my works.

I can't thank you enough for your time.

I work in a small room trying to reach out more of you everyday.


The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill / Lauryn Hill (1998)

"She put her Fugees past behind her, seizing the spotlight to showcase her rapping skills and amplify her emotional singing voice"

I think this record came out when I was a high school student. Oh you have no idea how many times I've listened to this album. I love her artistic style and beauty voice. I'm not music journalist, but I would say this album easily stay my top 10 in my list.

Such an inspiration.


Chocolat (2000)

Directed by Lasse Hallstrom

"The movie is charming and whimsical, and Binoche reigns as a serene and wise goddess."

I love two actresses in this movie. Juliette Binoche and Judi Dench. They remind me of great abstract paintings that have complex layers and structures. They act with human's complex existence in my opinion. It's always "real women" there.


Note; I just introduce my favorite stuff here, and pure my opinion.

I don't have any sponsors or anything and I get zero money for this.

BOSE : Wave Music System

This is already old version of their home speaker system, right?

I bought this probably 5, 6 years ago and it still works perfectly.

The sound is amazing and very compact that fits in your book shelves.

I always work on art project listening to music.

In the morning and afternoon, I listen to Apple Music radio and at night, I play my favorite artist albums ( right now A Tribe Called Quest and Radio Head's albums.)

Excellent speaker.

OK, That is it for this month.

Fall has come and finally it's comfortable for my two dogs to walk in the sun.

It's a perfect season to travel. Do you like travel? Me, not so much.

Some people really know how to enjoy traveling and I'm jealous.

What I do when I travel is to eat and shop...

I wish I could do something new in somewhere new.

Enjoy this beautiful weather while you can! I will too.



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